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Security at Home

Saturday, December 22, 2018 News


Home Security is something we should not take for granted. Securing your home is simply about more than just having an alarm installed.


We should take steps to ensure windows and patio doors are secure. Below we have listed just some of the devices that can aid with overall peace of mind for you and your family.


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1. Security Doorstopper


A simple but very effective device to stop any potential intruder at the door.  

This doorstopper with its wedge design withstands forceful impact from the front door. It is easy to use. Just place behind the door about 6 inches away, under the door handle. This allows the user to open the door to see who is there. If anyone tries to force the door open the wedge stops the door from opening any further. 


2. Clever Dog Smart Camera


This little camera is great value. It has intelligent motion sensing technology which when placed at the front door window can provide you with notification to your smart phone where ever you are. Once connected to WI-FI this camera can send pictures and video to the user phone via a pre-installed app. Easy to set up and easy to use.


3. Ring Stick Up Cam


Stick Up Cam is a wire-free outdoor security camera that enables you to protect your home and stop crime before it happens.  The ability to safely answer the door gives you the peace of mind you always wanted. Installs in less than 5 minutes. Must be connected to your WI-FI and all media can be viewed via your smart phone or tablet.  A must have device for any home.


4. Patio Door Lock


We all take it for granted that having your patio door locked is enough to stop intrusions, but did you know that 70% of home intrusions are through a front door or patio door rather than a window. Sliding doors are easier to open, so adding and extra security lock is a small price to pay for extra safety.


5. 24 Hour Plug In Timer

When you are not at home it is worthwhile to show a presence. These simple timers allow lamps or a radio to come on when you are not at home, giving the impression that there is someone in the house.


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